September 29, 2022
Using GPS

Using GPS

3 Ways To Track A Car Using GPS Technology

Have you ever left a car in a shady parking lot and could not recall how to reach it? Or has your teen borrowed your car without informing you? These situations can be annoying. But with the right technologies and assets, vehicle tracking has been made easy. You will never have to face these situations. Thanks to rapidly advancing technology and GPS, you can easily track any vehicle and assets as and when you want, usually at the tip of your fingers. There are three primary, convenient ways you can track your car:

  • Using a GPS tracker
  • Using a phone app
  • Using a black box

Using a GPS Tracker

Track your cars using GPS trackers that use GPS navigation to monitor and locate cars. These devices are known for being user-friendly. You can secretly track a vehicle with this device too. GPS trackers are of two types- portable trackers and wired trackers. A wired tracker is a traditional GPS tracker that connects itself to the vehicle’s engine. It’s easy to use and will not take up much of your time. Being wired in its nature, you will not have to worry about battery life either!
On the other hand, if you want to use a GPS tracker for multiple cars, a portable GPS tracker is the right one for you. You can attach a mini tracker anywhere in your vehicle. You will need to charge the device once in a few months (depending upon the tracker). Portable trackers are usually small enough to fit in your pocket, making them discreet and convenient for most.

Why You Should Use a GPS Tracker?

Real-Time Tracking

With a GPS device, you can keep yourself and your loved ones updated with the location of your car as it moves. Real-time tracking ensures receiving help during emergencies as your live location is shared through the internet.


One of the most valuable features of a GPS tracker is setting up a geofence. A geofence is essentially a border or area highlighted on a map. Setting up a geofence is pretty uncomplicated- all you have to do is drag and drop a pin on the map, and your borders are set! Now, every time your car enters or exits this area marked geofence, you will get a notification. It is a fool-proof way to keep an eye out for your vehicle when it enters a dangerous neighborhood. You can check out this list of GPS tracker for cars curated by Family1st.

Mobile App

Every GPS tracker comes with a free mobile app. You use this app to access the data recorded by your GPS tracker. These apps are easy to use and have a user-friendly interface. They transmit all information your GPS tracker will record. All you need is a stable internet connection and smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc., and you are good to go!

Customized Alerts

This mobile app will give you full reign over choosing what data you want to see foremost. It gives you live alerts on vehicle tampering, collision, fuel consumption, etc. So, if you need immediate notifications for specific things like this, a GPS tracker is for you.


If you buy a portable GPS tracker, you can use it to track so many different things! You can use it for your kids, parents/grandparents, and other vehicles like ATVs and bikes. A portable GPS Tracker is small enough to fit in your pocket, and you can attach it to your kid’s bag pack for school!

Using a Black Box 

GPS tracking and telematics industries use a black box very often. A black box is a tiny device affixed in the car. It is usually at the center of the vehicle. The device stores data typically near the vehicle’s control module. The device stores all data from the GPS locations it records.

One of the main purposes of the black box is not not only to track location but also to gather and transfer data.

Once installed, connect the device to the OBD port or CAN-bus. You can sync it with native sensors such as door sensors and fuel gauges.

The data transmission happens in real-time through standard cellular networks. It uses the SIM of the black box. If the internet is not available, the device will act as a flight data recorder and store all the data in internal memory. The data will be transmitted once it reaches a stable network connection again. Once you transfer the data, an external platform (usually provided by the service provider) gathers it and imports it in a user-friendly format. You can then access this data and go through it as and when you would like.

Why You Should Use a Black Box?

A black box will measure your speed, acceleration, timings, and braking behavior, making you consciously aware of your driving habits. They can potentially help you become better drivers.

Find Your Car When Missing

The most basic and obvious advantage of a black box is that you can easily locate your car in case of theft or loss. With the data uploaded to the service provider’s network, finding your vehicle now would be a piece of cake.

Provide Evidence in an Accident

Criminal investigations often make use of black boxes in cars to find evidence. The black box records every speck of data available, and some black boxes come with cameras on them, providing substantial evidence of an accident. So, in case a car bumps into yours, and they refuse to take responsibility, you can use your black box to prove who was at fault.

It will not devalue your car

One of the few myths surrounding black boxes is that installing one would devalue your car. This myth is wholly incorrect- a black box only records data, and it does not interfere with the way your car works. Black boxes have no impact on your car’s value or warranty. They may provide you with some insurance benefits in some cases.

Using a Mobile App

GPS Tracking App and GPS Tracking Devices may sound same but are different. GPS tracking mobile apps are the most convenient way to track a person and a vehicle. It’s pretty simple – all you have to do is install the tracking app on your phone and the phone of the driver/traveler in the car. You can connect these phones through a stable internet connection. That’s all you need to track your fellow vehicle!

Usually, all you need for using a tracker app is your phone number. You may need to make an account and link it with a passcode and a one-step verification.

A mobile app is the easiest way to keep track of your loved ones. If all you’re interested in is keeping track of your car’s location without any remedial measures, a mobile tracker is the best fit for you.


To sum it up, all three ways serve the necessities of tracking a car. Choose an application wisely after considering your needs and requirements. A tracker app is a convenient method you can use anytime. A black box is a long-term, one-time investment. On the other hand, a GPS tracker is a potential long-term investment, and you have to pay monthly subscriptions. A black box and GPS tracker will provide you with additional features and advantages. On that note, determine your needs and wants from a tracker and choose a device wisely. Shop wisely!