These Easy Tasks

These Easy Tasks

Get Back On Track After A Stressful Season With These Easy Tasks

Whether it’s exams, moving, or a tight work project, stressful seasons come and go. At times like this, we tend to prioritize our tasks and leave many things aside like taking care of ourselves. In this post, I show you how you can restart your life or resume your routine after overcoming a period of stress…

So, getting back into a routine or restarting your life doesn’t mean putting more things on your to-do list. It is also not about activities that from now on you have to adapt and perform daily. Instead, they are excellent tools or detachment exercises for when you feel a lot of weight on your shoulders like when you have a move around the corner, you have to make an important decision, or the week of exams caused you to forget to shower in days or something accidental ruined it your plans.

Prepare To Do Nothing On Your List

Give your body the rest it deserves so you can start off on the right foot. A chaotic season ends with a calmer one, so at this point, it’s best to take it easy. Getting back into a routine shouldn’t be immediate. Rest! These first few days are for catching up on lost sleep, watching shows, and picking up conversations with family and other loved ones (but not for you to make any more plans!).

This Weekend Is Just For You

Enjoying solitude is an act of self-love, so having free time can help us rediscover our deepest longings. You may also want to be alone. It is very likely that you have had a period of stress due to the number of social interactions that you had to engage in. If that’s the case, people who appreciate you will understand that this weekend is just for you. And don’t think about your studies. If you still have an urgent essay to write, delegate it to an essay writer. Sometimes it’s better to give yourself some time to recover and then come back in the game.

Talk To Someone About How You Feel

There will always be someone who wants to listen to you, whether it’s your dear friend who is in another country, your mom, siblings, or your favorite aunt.

To recover the routine after a season of stress, it can help you to vent to someone about how that period made you feel and what resilience skills you learned from it. If you just want to complain or laugh about everything that happened, that’s fine too. Trust me, it doesn’t make you stronger to keep it to yourself. I’ve learned that letting off steam and finding empathy in the process is soothing, especially since everyone goes through it, and it somehow minimizes the negative effect stress had on me.

But Keep It From Consuming All Your Time

Recognizing how long it takes you to complete your tasks and errands will help you value the free time you have to recharge.

You have just come out of a stressful period in which you probably neglected many important aspects of your social life. But before getting back in touch with the real world, remember to put your inner world in order. What I’ve learned from the quieter seasons is that as we get older and take on more responsibilities, they tend to be shorter, so take advantage of the time you have to recharge.

Clean Your Desk

You may have two desks, the one at work and the one at home: or just one. And I can bet it’s full of used paper, useless pens, and coffee stains. I think this advice is the one I recommend the most in University Nerd since the beginning of time, but it is one of the tasks with which it gives the most satisfactory results. Getting back into a routine after a stressful season is easier when you clean up your work area.

Organize Your Digital Desk

One of my favorite nerd activities is making sure I have an organized computer. Your computer desktop ends up cluttered with folders, shortcuts, and documents that you no longer need to keep in view. It is as important as cleaning your room or your closet. Make time to store all that information somewhere else and categorize it properly so you can find it if you need it.

Apply A Time Management Technique

Managing time efficiently is one of the most difficult tasks during a stressful season. Getting back into a routine after a stressful season also puts things in perspective. Among them is the way in which we handle time.