How To Stay Ahead Of The Competition As A Manufacturer

Being a manufacturer is no easy job. They perform many tasks such as inventing, producing and distributing products across the globe. The majority of what you own is probably connected in some or form to manufactures, as they likely played a role in delivering the final product to you. However, due to their importance in society, they are also at risk of being placed under extreme pressure and competition.
So, if you are a manufacturer and need some help in tackling and getting on top of the competition, then read on for some top tips.

1) Improve Quality

One of the best ways to increase your competitive advantage is by improving the quality of your output. Avoiding and reducing the number of products that are sent out with defects or of poorer quality is an important first step. This is imperative because these defects and imperfections can damage the company’s reputation due to poor customer satisfaction. Importantly, also, this can lead to loss of revenue and the production of waste, which of course, is bad for the environment and the business. Ways to improve manufacturing quality include:

  • Tackle the root causes of the problem – if you are facing quality-control issues, then it is likely that this is due to a problem, which has either been detected or missed. It is important to fix the root cause of the identified problem, rather than just the symptom, to improve overall quality in the long-term.
  • Train all manufacturing staff properly – make sure all members of staff know and understand what your company defines as “quality”. Also, ensure they understand the consequences (e.g., extra financial costs) of having to repair and/or replace defected products, to decrease the likelihood of carelessness.
  • Work well as a team – quality cannot be improved by the actions and role of person or two people; it is a team effort. So, the work team needs to be well-coordinated and trained on how to do the job correctly.

2) Outsource Help For Menial Tasks

There are some tasks and jobs within manufacturing that can be easily outsourced to other businesses, which can do the job at a higher quality than yourself and usually at an affordable price. For example, your coding and labelling operations can be completed by Diagraph, who are specialists in providing product identification solutions. This will reduce the pressures and workload placed on your employees while simultaneously putting you ahead of your competition. This is because you can focus on more important tasks, which require your specialised knowledge and skills by letting other companies help you.

3) Listen To Your Customer (The Customer Is Always Right)

If you want to get ahead of your competition, make sure you put the needs and wants of your customer at the forefront. After all, customers are key to your business and for it to succeed and excel, customers need to be more than satisfied with the products and outputs they are being supplied with.

Manufacturers can do this by looking at customer reviews or contacting them via social media.