Satellite Dishes

Satellite Dishes

Problems Associated With Satellite Dishes

Factors like cloudy weather or temporary obstacles can easily affect your satellite TV signal. However, if the issue you’re having with your home’s satellite dish persists for a long period, the best thing to do is to invite an engineer that offers sky satellite dish installation like this, over for diagnoses.

Through their diagnoses, you will know what is wrong with it and how it can be fixed.

Meanwhile, here are some of the problems people with sky satellites might experience:

Temporary Obstruction

In case you didn’t know, something as little as a bird perching on your satellite TV dish can reduce the quality of its performance.

So, if you notice that your signal is being obstructed by any object, you don’t have to worry much. All it takes to rectify this issue is satellite dish realignment or getting rid of the obstruction. It’s also important to ensure that the technician who is going to help you fix this is well experienced. Else, you might not get the result you want, and the money you paid to get such a service goes to waste.

Faulty Satellite Cables


Over time your cables are bound to succumb to the effect of harsh weather conditions. As a result, they become unable to perform their functions adequately, leading to a break in connections or signal loss.

One way to find out if your satellite dish is suffering from faulty satellite cables is by hiring an expert to examine it.

Electrical Intrusion

The use of other electrical devices in your home like radios and external radar detectors may cause your satellite dish to malfunction. So, before you blame your satellite company for not mounting your satellite dish well, you can try switching off these devices first. If you try that and the quality of the signal coming from your dish improves, fine. If it doesn’t, you should contact a satellite expert for help.

Trees and Tall Buildings Obstruction

A tree growing close to your satellite dish could be the reason why the signal from it is weak. For satellite dishes to function effectively, they need a clear view of the satellites in space. When a tree is blocking satellite signals, the only thing to do is to change the position of the dish or cut down the tree completely. Doing this will prevent the same issue from occurring in the future.

Broken Satellite Dish

Every part of a Satellite dish has its functions. So if one part of a satellite dish is tampered with or gets bent and rusty, it can also affect signal transmission. In case any component of your dish is damaged, if it can’t be repaired, you might be required to buy a new one or have the dish replaced entirely.

Also, note that certain satellite dishes are more suitable for certain locations. For instance, a fiberglass satellite dish is better for people that live in coastal towns and cities. So make sure you install the best type of dish for your location

Low Signals Resulting From Bad Weather Condition

Atmospheric conditions like heavy downpours and strong winds greatly affect signals from satellite dishes. Still, this shouldn’t be a cause for worry, since the problem is often short-lived. Once the terrible weather condition passes, the signal strength in your home will gradually improve. If it doesn’t, then it’s time to either prepare funds to get a new one or ask an engineer to come over and check it.

Wrong Connection Of Cables

If there’s a problem with the way your satellite cables are connected, sooner or later, you’re going to have problems with signals.

So you need to make sure the cables are well installed the first time. A wrongly installed cable connection might lead to more problems than just poor signals. This is why you need to make sure the technician helping you with your satellite tv set up is a reputable and experienced one. This way you won’t have to worry about making sure the cables are rightly connected.

Having gone through the list of possible factors that can lead to problems with your satellite signal, you should know some basic things to do once you start to experience a problem with your signal.

If you are considering getting a Satellite TV Dish, you shouldn’t let these problems discourage you from purchasing it. Satellite dishes offer lots of benefits to homeowners who choose to go for them. They only require that one has an expert nearby who can help fix it in case of damage by unforeseen external factors.