December 4, 2021

Two Sides Of Guyana: A Green Champion And An Oil Producer

For Guyana the potential wealth from oil development was irresistible — even as the country faces rising seas. Today on the show, Emily Kwong talks to reporter Camila Domonoske about her trip to Guyana and how it’s grappling with its role as a victim of climate change while it moves forward with drilling more oil.

For more of Camila’s reporting and pictures from her visit, check out “Guyana is a poor country that was a green champion. Then Exxon discovered oil.”

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This episode was produced for Morning Edition by Taylor Haney and edited by Rafael Nam. Photos by Ryan Kellman. Tamica Garnett contributed to this report. It was edited for Short Wave by Sara Sarasohn, produced by Thomas Lu, and fact-checked by Margaret Cirino. The audio engineer for this episode was Stu Rushfield.

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