best shoes for flight

best shoes for flight

What are the best shoes for flight attendants?

We all know how difficult the everyday life of the flight attendants is. The constant standing posture is giving them extra barriers to the kind of shoes they are supposed to wear in order to withstand life in the airplanes.

You have to choose the best shoes for flight attendants that will give you a relaxing feeling when wearing them and are also fashionable to be worn under any conditions and combined with any suit.

Flight attendants shoes features

The shoes are having more room than the usual ones. They are sneakers like the normal walking ones except that they have an outer layer of black leather giving an extra luxury ambiance for the flight attendants.

The insole needs to be softer than the average while at the same time being supportive enough to the soft tissues of the foot curve. This is crucial for the triggering of pain while standing for long hours during the working day. The physiology of walking and standing exerts a lot of pressure on the feet of the flight attendants.

This situation may create a special need for cushioned support for the shoes of the flight attendants. That is why the most adequate shoes for the flight attendants are always having extra soft cushions to the heel and forefoot areas where most of the pressure coming from the rigid floor is applied.

On the other hand, there is a need for extra lightweight material to embrace the upper mesh and shaft of these shoes. Flight attendants are obliged to stand up for the whole working day in order to serve the passengers. This imposes a barrier to their physical movement since they are forced to walk in the narrow corridors of the air carriers.

The lightweight materials make it easier to wear a pair of shoes for prolonged hours even when you feel tired. There is no obstacle when you are wearing that kind of lightweight shoes and you can even outperform during the days of intense action and standing up.

What kind of shoes should you avoid when being a flight attendant?

There are certain types of shoes that you certainly shouldn’t wear if you want to be a successful flight attendant. First, there is no way you can wear flip flops when being on the aircraft. The absence of adequate protection for the forefoot area -especially the toe fingers- as well as the heel area are the number one reason to avoid this type of shoes.

Additionally, there is no way you can select shoes that have high heels. It has been proved by certain studies that high heels shoes are affecting the way you walk in the long run and are the primary cause of feet deformities in adults.

Not to mention that the high heels are accused of aggravating the pre-existing back pain problems by applying lots of pressure to the lumbar section of your vertebrae. This can also provoke the appearance of herniated discs that are the primary cause of pain and disability for flight attendants. Some excellent choices of Plantar Fibroma shoes can relieve the painful symptoms in men and women when you work as a flight attendant.

On the other hand, the slick outsole surface shoes are not adequate for airplane use especially when you need to stand constantly and serving the passengers like the flight attendant are. Slick outsoles are usually apparent in tennis and running shoes that give you extended acceleration in courts.

This is not the issue for the aircraft where perfect grip and larger lugs are required in order to have a firm touch to the ground. Since turbulence can occur unexpectedly in the airplane the flight attendants should always wear shoes that can give them the maximum grip to the corridor surface.


The job of the flight attendant is one of the hardest you can find. Most of the times people serving the air carriers passengers are suffering from certain feet problems that cause acute pain which sometimes may impose barriers to the productivity of the attendants.

Finding the right pair of shoes to wear when working as a flight attendant is a really important task for your well being on the airplane.

The shoes are going to be with you for at least twelve hours per day non-stop. There is no chance to put them off when being on the plane and they should support the soft tissues of the feet especially on the higher pressured environment of the aircraft.

The midsole of the shoes should always be equipped with a foamy material which can easily take the shape of the feet. Shoes should be able to relax you when standing up and not overheat the footbed.

In addition, the anti-sweat abilities of the insole are important to keep moisture levels low when working. Flight attendant’s profession can be cool if you choose the right shoes.