house in Newry

house in Newry

What you should know before buying a house in Newry, Northern Ireland

All the places in the world to live & people keep choosing to live in Newry, Northern Ireland. Some may ask why is this ?  Locals would answer “why not” & continue to explain all the benefits & hidden gems Newry City has to offer.

History of Newry

Like many cities & towns Newry has a historic past filled with ups & downs. Newry was involved heavily in “the Troubles” between 1968-1998 with many recorded casualties & horror stories affecting the lives of locals especially in the surrounding towns & villages of South Armagh & Warrenpoint.

However, with time anger towards the British & Protestants has cooled down & the area has become quite a peaceful town to live.

People of Newry

Locals of the city are friendly & supportive of each other with the nickname of locals being a “Newry Nwuck”. Religious believes & ethnicity of locals in the area are majority white Irish with the minorities being protestant & eastern European. Together living in harmony with a low level of hate crimes.

Locals of Newry know & love their town mascot Marty Bog Roll. The man has many nicknames & can be found around Newry with his blue coat & rusty bicycle

Marty has a long beard like Santa Claus & wears a black hat.

Local Areas

If you are looking to buy a house in the Newry area, perhaps you should investigate the local villages & towns which are beautiful in their own ways.

  • Warrenpoint
  • Camlough
  • Meigh
  • Silverbridge
  • Crossmaglen
  • Banbridge

Searching for your new home

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Type of Houses

Unexpectedly Newry has a very small number of apartments for sale or rent when comparing with other towns or cities, instead the city has a range of bungalows & multi Story houses for sale including attached & semi detached.

The full list of houses for sale can be found in Newry’s property search engine, filter by house type, price, bedrooms & your chosen area – a unique service specifically tailored to locals in & around the city

Property Sales & Stats

Surprising to some, the number of property sales have increased since covid-19 as employees no longer have to spend income commuting to work, eating out for lunch & socializing – all resulting in people being able to save a lot more cash for a house deposit.

For Newry specifically the price of houses dropped by 5.6% in 2020 which also helped increase the number of house sales in the area. All factors combining to produce a catalyst effect on the property market in Newry & the surrounding local areas.